Nature Hobbies: Canoeing

Several times each year, I visit my family’s cabin. It’s located in a very remote, somewhat difficult to find place, right at the edge of a river. There is no electricity unless you remember to bring a generator, and it is only used for light at night – no tv, radio, or anything else to distract from nature. Although, I have gone without a generator, lighting the cabin at night with candles. It felt very rustic and old-fashioned, though a little intimidating to hear large animals rustling outside.

There are so many trails and places to go off the beaten path. There is a fire pit for cooking, plenty of books to read, wildlife to watch, natural trails to hike, and – one of my favorite things – a canoe for traveling up and down the river.

We started before dawn. The lapping of water against oar and canoe would have lulled me to sleep, if I hadn’t been so excited to watch the sun rise over the river.

We paddled quite a ways, before resting in a river bend in a clearing.  Otherwise, the sunrise would have been blocked by trees.  The birds were singing, dragonflies were beginning to take flight, and an otter swam a few feet from our canoe.

Canoeing the river is one of my favorite outdoor activities!  What’s one of yours?


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