DIY: Upcycled Braided Rag Rug – No Sew!

You can never have too many rugs, right?  Rag rugs are more eco-friendly because you make them with materials you have on-hand.  You can also get really cheap fabrics at thrift stores and garage sales.  They’re easy to make but can be very time consuming.  (I like to watch Netflix while braiding rugs – who wouldn’t?)  They’re also easy to customize.  Pick the colors, the size, and shape yourself.  You can also use strips of old towels to make a more absorbent bathroom rug.  It’s very gratifying to stand on the finish product and think, Wow, I made this!

braided no sew rag rug diy

The hardest part is learning how to braid the fabric together, but it’s like riding a bike – once you get it, it’s pretty simple.  I used the directions I found here and modified them so that instead of braiding in rows one after the other to make a rectangular rug, I braided around, making an oval rug.

braided no sew rag rug diy

The rug I made is about 2′ by 3′ and took about 6 hours to make… Of course, I took a few breaks to stretch and eat, and I got lost in my show a couple times, but expect it to take about this long for a rug this size.  I chose colors that I thought would work well together – dark floral prints worked great next to muted purple and solid black.

braided no sew rag rug diy

I started off with four strips of fabric, each about 2′ long.  If they’re too long they’ll get in the way and make it difficult and time consuming to braid them together, but too short and you’ll have to continuously add fabric.  But, whatever works best for you.

I finished my rug by tying a few leftover strips around the outer edge.

braided no sew rag rug diy


Voila!  What do you think?


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