Mori Girl Thrift Store Finds!

When out and about I love looking for vintage and antique things, but sometimes that can be expensive. So, I check thrift stores. I love thrifting! I have found SO many things that fit into my lifestyle, that also fit into the Mori Girl style, for cheap.  If you’re not familiar with the Mori Girl lifestyle, it’s all about nature. It’s a style that originated in Japan – “mori” means “forest” in Japanese. It started as a fashion style, but quickly grew to encompass all parts of life. I myself love the Mori Girl style – the prints! the lace! the layers! I especially like how it is so nature focused, and also that a lot of it is vintage inspired. Some parts of this of the Mori Girl life fit into my own style, too.

Here are a few of my Mori Girl-inspired thrift store finds, each one I purchased for less than $5!

I really enjoy cookie jars – they are perfect for storing so much more than cookies! When I saw this double-sided ceramic mushroom jar, I knew I had to have it.  It is a vintage Arnel’s mushroom canister from the 1970s.


Mori Girls love old and unique things.  This globe is a bit of both.  I’m not sure how old it actually is, but with the Latin writing and colorful illustrations, it is definitely one of a kind.


I love the leatherwork on this leather wallet.  Inside, it has a place for cards, a place for cash, and two sleeves for cards, bills, anything really.


I also found a matching pair of hand embroidered tea stained decorative linen hand towels.  Love, love, love.


Everybody knows that Mori Girls love art.  While I do make my own creations (which I promise to post about another time), I couldn’t pass up these reproductions of famous paintings in their individual faux-gold gilded decorative frames.


I have so many more things to share with you, but for now, I’m off to drink milk tea, and eat a cookie or three.  Mori Girl diet, you know. 😉

What about you?  Have you ever found something while thrift shopping that you absolutely love, or that fits your style perfectly?  I’d love it if you shared in the comments below!


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